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About meHere's my story.

FZEE, creative coder, blogger and self-proclaimed designer who specializes in front-end development. My mission is to translate user-focussed designs into pixel-perfect websites or applications that run blazing fast.

I’m currently working as a senior front end developer at LogicGate where I help develop an agile GRC cloud solution that combines powerful functionality with intuitive design to enhance enterprise GRC programs.

Prior to LogicGate, I worked as a senior full-stack engineer at Cognizant where I helped architect and develop full-stack RESTful microservices, train and prepare developers for delivery, and assist in leading the front-end practice in a lab-based working environment.

Before Cognizant, I worked as a UI Developer for projekt202 helping craft design systems and building reusable component libraries for multi-million dollar companies.

In a past life, I was an indie mobile developer making mobile games for iOS and Android, with one of my games outselling Angry Birds.

You can find me on Twitter where I share tech-related tidbits and build in public, or you can follow me on GitHub. I often write about my findings on my blog and create cool things over on CodePen. I also help run a mediocre podcast.

Work experience

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2011 - 2018




2011 - 2018


I love to share my knowledge through writing.

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Interested in my gear?

I keep a list of software, applications, extensions, hardware and a list of supplies I've used to set up my office for those who are interested.

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